Thank you very much for attending XNPIG2019 in Sendai, Japan.
146 colleagues attended to this conference from 13 countries of the world. 12 invited talks, 37 oral talks and 53 posters were presented among the conference. We also thanks to 2 Platinum, 8 Gold and 2 Silver industrial sponsors for exhibitions and supporting our activities.
We hope to see you again in next conference, XNPIG2021 in Kunming, China.
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15 Dec. ’19
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10 Jan. ’20
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The 5th International Conference on X-ray and Neutron Phase Imaging with Gratings (XNPIG) will be held at Sendai International Center, Sendai, Japan on 20-24 October, 2019. This meeting will be organized by Japan Science and Technology Agency and Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University.


Since the early 1990s X-ray phase imaging methods that utilize wave nature of X-rays have been extensively developed to overcome the limitation of conventional X-ray imaging based on absorption. Above all, grating-based phase-imaging methods appeared in the 2000s have attracted increasing attention because laboratory-based X-ray sources are available and therefore practical and extensive applications of X-ray phase imaging are expected. The concept of phase imaging is also feasible for neutron imaging, and neutron phase imaging has been developed in parallel.
Since 2012, a series of XNPIG meetings are held for the scientists in this specific field including from industry to discuss and exchange the state-of-art technology.
The topics of XNPIG2019 in terms of phase imaging with gratings and/or relevant devices are:

Methods and instrumentation
Grating fabrications
Detectors and radiation sources
Signal retrieval and algorithmics
Materials science and industrial applications
Life science and biomedical/clinical applications

Invited Speakers

Guang-Hong Chen (Univ. Wisconsin–Madison, USA)
Multi-contrast X-ray breast imaging system: From bench-top physics experimental studies to prototype engineering system construction and final clinical translations
Julia Herzen (TUM, Germany)
Recent advances in grating-based phase-contrast breast imaging
Lorenzo Massimi (UCL, UK)
A fast edge illumination based phase contrast CT prototype for intraoperative specimen imaging
Atsushi Momose (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Pink-beam four-dimensional phase tomography and its application to polymer laser processing model
Bob Nagler (LCLS, USA)
Wavefront sensing and phase retrieval at hard X-ray free electron lasers
Franz Pfeiffer (TUM, Germany)
Ten years from bench to bedside - Key achievements and pitfalls on the way to first patient results of grating-based darkfield chest X-ray radiography
Dmitry Pushin (Univ. Waterloo, Canada)
Phase-grating moiré neutron interferometry
Christian Riess (FAU, Germany)
On X-ray dark-field tomography with a helix trajectory
Lucia Romano (PSI, Switzerland)
Insight into silicon-based technologies: an effective micro- and nanofabrication platform for high aspect ratio X-ray gratings
Takenao Shinohara (J-PARC, Japan)
Development of pulsed neutron grating interferometer at J-PARC MLF
Hidekazu Takano (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Laboratory-based nanoscopic phase tomography by combining a full-field X-ray microscope and a Lau interferometer
Marie-Christine Zdora (Univ. Southampton, UK)
Recent developments in X-ray speckle-based imaging