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The 5th International Conference on X-ray and Neutron Phase Imaging with Gratings (XNPIG) will be held at Sendai International Center, Sendai, Japan on 20-24 October, 2019. This meeting will be organized by Japan Science and Technology Agency and Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University.


Since the early 1990s X-ray phase imaging methods that utilize wave nature of X-rays have been extensively developed to overcome the limitation of conventional X-ray imaging based on absorption. Above all, grating-based phase-imaging methods appeared in the 2000s have attracted increasing attention because laboratory-based X-ray sources are available and therefore practical and extensive applications of X-ray phase imaging are expected. The concept of phase imaging is also feasible for neutron imaging, and neutron phase imaging has been developed in parallel.
Since 2012, a series of XNPIG meetings are held for the scientists in this specific field including from industry to discuss and exchange the state-of-art technology.
The topics of XNPIG2019 in terms of phase imaging with gratings and/or relevant devices are:

Methods and instrumentation
Grating fabrications
Detectors and radiation sources
Signal retrieval and algorithmics
Materials science and industrial applications
Life science and biomedical/clinical applications

Invited Speakers

Guang-Hong Chen (Univ. Wisconsin–Madison, USA)
Multi-contrast X-ray breast imaging system: From Bench-top physics experimental studies to prototype engineering system construction and final clinical translations.
Julia Herzen (TUM, Germany)
Recent advances in grating-based phase-contrast breast imaging (tentative).
Lorenzo Massimi (UCL, UK)
A fast edge illumination based phase contrast CT prototype for intraoperative specimen imaging (tentative).
Atsushi Momose (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Pink-beam four-dimensional phase tomography and its application to polymer laser processing model (tentative).
Bob Nagler (LCLS, USA)
Wavefront Sensing and phase retrieval at hard X-ray free electron lasers (tentative).
Franz Pfeiffer (TUM, Germany)
Ten Years from Bench to Bedside - Key Achievements and Pitfalls on the Way to First Patient Results of Grating-Based Darkfield Chest X-Ray Radiography (tentative).
Dmitry Pushin (Univ. Waterloo, Canada)
Phase-grating moiré neutron interferometry (tentative).
Christian Riess (FAU, Germany)
On X-ray dark-field tomography with a helix trajectory (tentative).
Lucia Romano (PSI, Switzerland)
Insight into silicon-based technologies: an effective micro- and nanofabrication platform for high aspect ratio X-ray gratings.
Takenao Shinohara (J-PARC, Japan)
Development of pulsed neutron grating interferometer at J-PARC MLF (tentative).
Hidekazu Takano (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Laboratory-based nanoscopic phase tomography by combining a full-field X-ray microscope and a Lau interferometer (tentative).
Marie-Christine Zdora (Univ. Southampton, UK)
Recent developments in X-ray speckle-based imaging.