The winner of the 2nd William H.F. Talbot Award

 Mr. Konstantin Willer(Technical University of Munic, Germany)
“Development of a Darkfield Chest Radiography Prototype for first patient Studies”

The winners of Poster Award

P07 Dr. Katsumasa Ikematsu(Tohoku University/KIT, Japan/Germany)
“Development of phase gratings with parabolic and triangular phase profiles to improve spatial resolution in X-ray phase imaging”
P36 Dr. Wataru Yashiro (Tohoku University, Japan)
“A design of a multi-beam X-ray optical system for high-speed X-ray tomography”
P56 Dr. Erin A. Miller (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)
“Phase contrast X-ray imaging for Explosives Detection”

Dr. K. Ikematsu and Dr. E. A. Miller